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treatment for each case so as to get unsurprising outcome. Negligible obtrusive strategies can be utilized, for example, unique grating methods or dying . As of late, various sorts of earthenware become all the more broadly utilized in field of tasteful dentistry because of their properties of coordinating polish and dentine trademark, biocompatibility notwithstanding the mechanical properties . Among every single artistic sort, lithium disilicate, named likewise E-max, think about one of most ideal decisions for stylish front teeth. An examination thought about earthenware materials zirconia and lithium disilicate properties, detailing predominant capacity of characteristic tooth shading coordinating because of its variable degree of clarity. Likewise, it very well may be utilized in implant dentaire various structures in mean of prosthesis, as full shaped crown or foundation which give both dental specialist and lab expert wide scope of decisions .

The point of this report is to decide the adequacy of lithium disilicate (E-max) prosthesis in overseeing stylish interest of patient with lacquer hypomineralized teeth.

2. Case report

A 16 years old Saudi female was come to exhaustive clinical dentistry facilities, Collage of Dentistry, Imam Abdulrahman canister Faisal University, whine of unsatisfied of the presence of her grin. Tolerant deny any ailment or hypersensitivity. Assent was marked by tolerant for treatment acknowledgment in the montage. Every patient record incorporate impression, radiographs and photographs were taken .

Intra-oral discoveries were recorded so as to analyze and get ready far reaching treatment plan in stages (Table 1). After complete periodontal outlining, quiet was determined to have limited gentle to direct periodontitis . For endodontic appraisal, tooth #12 was determined as irreversible pulpitis to have typical preapical tissue and tooth #30 was analyzed as necrotic mash mind analyzed as should be expected preapical tissue, so both are required root waterway treatment (RCT). Be that as it may, teeth #5, 7 were checked and determined as endodontically offered teeth have typical preapical tissue (Edition et al., n.d.). In light of clinical introduction of teeth recolored and absence of family ancestry of same condition, teeth were at long last analyzed to lacquer hypomineralization.

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