Factors Responsible for Increase in Apple Stock Price

Posted by Hamza Hamza

Apple is a prominent brand which deals with hardware and Software Company; they have many products and services in the market for the customers. Apple best known for computers, mobile, iPod and many more products and services. Apple introduced in 1984and founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. 

Starting off 1977, the sales of Apple products grew quickly; this is how the company started growing up and making their brand name noticed. As their sales increased there innovation for the production has been increased, and they added new features in their products like improved in the floppy drive, graphical user interface and more features added to their systems and their price was not too high it was affordable by normal people. 

Apple is a well-known brand in the worldwide the company that designs manufactures and sells personal computer, smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories and they provide services for their products, apple has many service centre around the world for their products. Apple Inc. has been listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol, AAPL. APPLE Company has a fast-growing services business that includes cloud service and its digital streaming services such as Apple TV and apple music. Many investors invest in this company as Apple stock price is higher.

Apple uses many different ways and ideas to maintain its stock value high. Apple has its product and services which have values in the market, seeing this many investors purchase Apple shares.

iPhone Sales 

iPhone is one of the largest revenue generators for the company. iPhone series is one of the best advantages for Apple Company. As per increasing in iPhone sales, it resulting in share gains, when the sales of the company are high automatically, the share value of the company will go high. There are many competitions in the market, but the value of the company is high. Apple uses many different ways to increase their share price in the market.

IPad and Mac Sales

Computer, laptops and tablets are one of the essential elements of Apple stocks a revenue from the sales of the product and services for both people and corporates. Increased in sales for their products in the market shows an increase in the value of the company and revenue.


Services play an important role in contributing to revenue. Apple is providing the best service to their customers, and this is how they have increased in their sales of products and services to their clients. Services are an important factor for the company, it presents the company reputation and quality of it, and it plays an important factor in increasing Apple Stock Price. You can check more information from before you buy its stock.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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