How to do that without spending hours producing content?

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The gist is, gather helpful resources from reputable authority sites to support your content, provide information that’s valuable & relevant to your audience and write in an engaging style so your readers will spend time reading your articles, bookmark your site and share your content.

Yep, just by doing that, you get to score SEO brownie points such as increased dwell time, bookmarking, social share, comments, reduced bounce rates, external links and more.

How to do that without spending hours producing content?

I ghostwrite long-form content for a few SaaS companies specifically for the purpose of generating organic traffic – aka boosting Google sheets SEO for their websites, the white-hat way.

I turnaround about 3 pieces of 2,000-word articles per week on average, while I’m not working my biz, dealing with kids, or riding my bike.

I’ve honed in on a system that allows me to bang out high quality content under tight deadlines… (hey they’re paying me… it’s not some wishy-washy kumbaya guest posting thing.)

I’m NOT giving you a cookie-cutter process so you can write clone-drone SEO articles. You can go to fiverr for that…

I’ve baked in checks and balances to make sure you’re not just regurgitating stuff pulled off the interwebs… you’ll be writing SEO-friendly content while expressing your ORIGINALITY without reinventing the wheel:

1. Decide on keywords to rank for and come up with a title

If it’s not your first time around the block, you probably have gone through the keyword research motion for your niche and have a list tugged in some corner.

You’re also the EXPERT in what you do so even with your eyes closed, you know what’s bugging your ideal clients and what questions and words your peeps would type into Google.

That means you don’t really have to do any extra legwork. Yay!

First – what do YOU want to write about?

Then – what keywords are this topic you want to write about relates to?

Bam – you’ve got your list of keywords!

Play around with those keywords and what special sauce you want to bring to the table. Mix and match until you come up with a 5 – 10 headline options.

Your headline should grab attention, be unique, pique curiosity, be specific, communicate urgency and/or indicate usefulness.

(Bonus Tip: you don’t have to chuck the rest after you pick the winner. You may want to use one with more personality for your own website, and one that’s more straightforward for the version you post on LinkedIn Pulse. You can also repurpose a few others for social media graphics.)

Got a winner? Good! Now let’s move on…

2. Ask THE Google

Let’s reiterate… you’re the EXPERT so you’ve a pretty darn good idea of the authority sites and trusted sources in your topic.

(If you’re writing articles for niches you know nothing about to sell cantaloupe widgets just to make a quick buck, this may not be for you.)

Now pull up good ol’ Google and input a keyword or a phrase.

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