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When I started out my research for this e book I had an ulterior reason. Although I have been inside the NFL for twelve years now and I realize thoroughly what this existence is like, I changed into also looking for the recommendation and difficult-earned wisdom of women who had already determined solutions to my numerous worries. I still warfare with the life I’ve selected, and so I wanted to realize: How do other women address the NFL? How do they cope and live on? What are their reviews?

I knew those women did no longer in shape the stereotype. I  V9BET different people to understand it too.

Can you explain some of your studies techniques, and the way you located sources for your e book? I word there’s a lack on the stop of the e book of a selected bibliography. Any cause for this omission?

To quote the preface:

I despatched an nameless survey to over a hundred and fifty women and were given back an top notch 75 responses. Out of these 75 responses, I chose 30 ladies to interview in depth. Their stores make up the heart of this book.

About half have been inclined to head on record and let their names be used, and about 1/2 wanted to stay anonymous. In the initial anonymous survey, I requested respondents to both “agree strongly, agree mildly, disagree mildly, or disagree strongly” to a myriad of statements concerning NFL lifestyles.

These responses form the premise of a number of my widespread statements and conclusions about what off-the-discipline existence is like for ladies. Then, over the route of my thirty one-on-one interviews, I acquired full, in-depth answers to those frequently difficult, complex questions.

Regarding the absence of a bibliography, the modern-day literature on expert sports activities spouses is minimum. Most of the posted works are salacious, racy novels that actually serve to perpetuate.

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