Ways Sit and Go Tournaments

Posted by Naveed Iqbal

To keep things clear we are first going to present you in a couple of words what is the best strategy that should be used for a normal Sit and Go poker tournament.

When you are playing a Sit and Go poker tournament the best strategy that you could ever use is to play tight at the early stage of the tournament and as you move to the middle stage you will have to adopt pkv poker something new: it’s time to become more aggressive once you manage to have a larger stack level.

The whole idea of the strategy you have to use at a SNG tournament is simple, before you reach the late stage of the tournament, where there are only 3 players left in the competition and you are one of them, all you have to do is to survive. This means that you will have to play tight and make a very good hand selection. This means that at the beginning you will have to fold many of the low rated hands that you have and you should not be afraid of the fact that the others might steal your blinds since at the beginning of a SNG tournament the blinds are so small that you can easily afford to lose them.

At a normal Sit and Go poker tournament during the early stage you will definitely going to see one or two players busted because they didn’t use this strategy and they got burned by placing all in at a lower rated hand. This means that your chances of surviving by playing in a less aggressive way at the beginning are very high and you will definitely going to pass through the early stage and finish with a good piece of stack.

A winning SNG player that uses the basic strategies of a SNG poker tournament is never going to go all in at the beginning of a tournament. One of the most important tips that you should take into consideration is to do your best to protect your chips and preserve them for the next stages when you will need them more than in the early stage.

However in case you manage to get a premium hand like AA, KK or QQ you should not fold them. These premium hands should be raised even after the flop since you have a great opportunity and your chances of winning are a lot higher. Even if you manage to scare all your opponents this way and they are going to fold their cards when you start raising after many folded hands, you should not be disappointed. Remember what is your goal during the first stages of a Sit and Go poker tournament is to stay alive and to keep your chips.

In case you manage to survive and to reach the final stage of the tournament, and there are only 2 other players in the game it means that you have managed to reach the first goal of any SNG poker player: to get a benefit out of playing the tournament. And this is going to happen no matter if you are going to be the 1st or the 3rd.

However in case you want to go for the 1st prize you will have to start playing a very aggressive game of poker and surprise your current opponents. This strategy is going to be applied by raising and calling even when you have weaker hands, you should do this just to make sure that the opponents will fold and keep increasing the pot, and at the showdown you’ll be coming up with a good hand. This is the type of SNG poker strategy that works and helps you become a winner!

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